September Net – Bin Habtoor comments on Al-Attas’s dialogue regarding the events of January 1986

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September Net – Bin Habtoor comments on Al-Attas’s dialogue regarding the events of January 1986

اخبار اليمن – وطن نيوز

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11 September 2021

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26 September Net: a. Dr.. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor

First: The tragic events of January 13, 1986, represented the catastrophe of disasters for the Yemeni people in the south of the country, which resulted in human and material losses, and moral, religious and humanitarian erosion.

Those who were stricken by its fire inherited many family and social tragedies, but as an event that occurred in the course of the experience, it represented only the top of the apparent ice head, and the greatest glacier mass is mountains of submerged ice blocks under water, which need those who have a mind, conscience and a sense of responsibility to approach and treat them with wisdom, insight and objectivity.

Since the National Front took over the reins of power in November 1967 AD, the struggle for power and its privileges has been the biggest concern between the conflicting wings that arose and formed in the structure of the political organization of the National Front. Therefore, the strange thing for those who were surprised by the January 1986 disaster, Although the issue of its occurrence is an inevitable sequential occurrence.

Second: When we read articles and theoretical interpretations on the political side by some (intellectuals) under different titles, we do not find a fundamental and clear difference between their writings and the writings of many ordinary people on social media platforms. It easily falls into the same mistake that ordinary people make, at a time when society in all its categories is waiting for a correct scientific opinion, especially when it comes to the history and reality of the situation in the southern part of the country, whose files have become circulated on the side of the road, for example, we do not find There is an objective difference between them when referring to the vocabulary (the southern row, the southern issue, the southern Arab people…..etc), it is shameful that someone (holds a high university qualification, and that simple citizen who works in raising chickens and herding cows and donkeys), even though they are much honorable professions Of those who have high academic qualifications and sit on comfortable desks, but they are similar in thinking and behavior.

Third: The comrades, the founding leaders of the political organization of the National Front, facilitated the way to reach power through the entrance to the (Blood Road) gate. Rather, they extracted the value of blood in exchange for satisfying the lust for power and rule. That is, the martyr / Faisal Abdul Latif al-Shaabi was executed, because he was the most prominent sane economic thinker and theorist of the development experience in the south of the country, and the first president of South Yemen, brother Qahtan Muhammad al-Shaabi, was sentenced to life imprisonment. The best fighters who bore the burden of jihad against British colonialism, and the assassination attempt of Muhammad Ali Haitham came in that context. And Muhammad Husayn Qamata, and if I tried to remember this article for my article, he mentioned and traced the names of the victims, whom the comrades named after a while the martyrs, when I finished writing, and needed hundreds of pages, would an adult reader of an article imagine This means that the number of victims reaches tens of thousands, and that the honest and serious researcher needs hundreds and thousands of pages just to mention the names of the victims, and this is a natural product of the policy of simplifying the language of killing among comrades to reach the other side whom they called (the counter-revolutionary forces of the democratic experience of Yemen), and here they are meant by scholars The nation, its sheikhs, its men, military leaders, businessmen, and even intellectuals among them, that it is the sin of blood that leaves nothing but a torrential stream of blood that begins with the blood of the quarreling comrades, and ends with the blood of the innocent, which turned into whips of fire with which the necks of the remaining comrades who did not find They have a place to live except in exiles scattered around the world. Yes, this is the account of this world, so how will God’s account be in the Hereafter, my friends.

Fourth: Whoever remembers any of the victims of the comrades at the moment of jostling to defend what the beloved / sneezing said, or to stand against him, the agent of charges against him as well, did it appear in the accounts of these comrades, the enemy’s brothers, and in their personal files and mental archives, how the Habayeb Hashemite segment of men was abused The religion is like Al-Habayeb / from the Al-Kaf family, the Al-Hamid family, the Al-Haddad family, the Al-Attas family, the Bin Hafeez family, the Al-Aidaros family, the Al-Mihdhar family, the Al-Jafri family and others. And works such as Al-Maqtari, Al-Khamari, Buqshan, Baabid, Al-Hajj Saleh bin Ahmed bin Habtoor, and honorable sheikhs such as Badian, bin Fahid, Ba’adhah, Al-Hawthari Al-Yafi’i, Al-Babakri, Bassarda, Al-Qumaishi, Bin Al-Hajri and Bin Al-Sulaimani. Ali Ahmed, Muhammad Awad bin Habtoor, Al-Shaibani, Farouk Refaat, Jamal Al-Khatib, Muhammad Naji Saeed, Al-Saqqaf, Al-Masraj, and a long line of thought and pen campaigners, and these names of the victims are only examples we mentioned and they came in a quick hurry (with the tip of the pen or letters The keyboard) is for those righteous martyrs who fell victim to the indiscretion and obsession of comrades as they implement their miserable socialist revolutionary experience (the experience of the failed socialist-oriented national democratic revolution), but it is really painful that the rest of the comrades and their children and today we coexist with their grandchildren do not remember their black past with some self-accountability and conscience Indeed, they are proud of the crimes they have committed against humanity in the southern part of the country. Is there a rational rational person who reads the historical data burdened with the wounds and pains of the past, and the pure blood that was shed in it, and innocent souls were lost in it, and these ignorant people still boast of their achievements! !!, I repeat, is there any sane, rational person left in the arena, O these people?!.

Fifth: There is a popular Yemeni proverb that says (money is the brother of the soul), and we are in the context of dealing with the event of that (historic) dialogue, and I call it here the historical because of the importance of the person of the engineer / Al-Attas, his history and pivotal roles in the entire experience, and the wide debate that the dialogue aroused at the partisan, popular and social levels Why don’t the comrades and the rest of its leaders (the Political Bureau and the Central Committee), and with them a column of tyrants and gullible mobs, remember what they committed of a full-fledged political and criminal crime, the incident of the agricultural uprisings, the procedures of nationalization, confiscation, and public looting (the legislator is authorized by the law, we will legalize it). The darkening), to legitimize the looting of people’s properties from real estate, factories and agricultural lands along geography and width, in addition to that organized looting, the most honorable and honorable people in southern Yemen were kidnapped and dragged away. accumulated over the period of time that elapsed from the life of the state (Yemen workers and toiling peasants), yet he does not talk about this bitter experience None of these (heroes) who defend the abhorrent idea of ​​secession and separatists in which the majority of the population of the People’s Republic of South Yemen lived, either as displaced people fleeing to the north of the country, or scattered in neighboring countries, or languishing in prisons, or they were thrown into prisons. Or they were herded like livestock in the streets, in the alleys, and in the villages of the country’s countryside, and this is the case for the rest of the citizens who are deprived of traveling outside the borders of the southern part of the country, except for the privileged and distinguished among the leaders of the party and the state and their followers.

Didn’t these (comrades) remember how life was very strenuous and cruel to the point of cruelty in the markets and streets of Aden, and the era of the nineties did not come until the treasury of Aden reached the brink of monetary bankruptcy and financial deficit, and that their escape to Yemeni unity came as an attempt to save their lives and their families only, when the pillars of the entire socialist system collapsed , This is the reality of the painful history events in the southern part of Yemen, which some have not yet fully comprehended, and as it seems difficult for them to understand and assimilate.

Sixth: We have said it repeatedly and through historical and factual data that going on the path of blessed Yemeni unity is the best and only solution to all the pains and wounds of the past, and will contribute to burying its crimes within the framework of the state of order and law that must prevail in the state of equal citizenship in the one Yemeni state, and that it be resolved The hateful legacy of the past, in both its southern and northern parts, within the framework of law and order. Any other thought of a comprehensive national solution, difficulties and calamities will stand before it as obstacles, and the accumulation of challenges will increase and will be complicated before society with all its groups, sects and sects, and Yemen in its two parts will not see any peace stage to come without this solution.

Seventh: The beloved engineer / Haider Al-Attas did not speak with such clarity about the tragic events of (bloody January 1986) until more than three decades had passed. From the event and the hadith, and what are the conclusions that spare the whole country from more disasters, calamities and tragedies.

It is natural that the dialogue of the Habib Engineer / Haider Al-Attas will receive that wide volume of criticism and praise due to his political and administrative history and the peculiarity of his personality as a technical engineer who belongs to a respectable and dignified Hashemite family. Of course, the questions will follow, in turn, according to their bitterness and cruelty, who killed comrade / Faisal Abdul Latif Al-Shaabi, who is the trusted trustee of the political organization of the National Front?,

And who put the first president of the south, the late Qahtan Muhammad al-Shaabi, in his solitary confinement until he died of heartbreak, and he was the one who was considered the godfather of the nascent state of the People’s Republic of South Yemen?

Who ordered the assassination of comrade / Muhammad Ali Haitham in exile, who was the second prime minister of the south and one of the ideologists of the National Front at that time?,

Who assassinated the constellation of distinguished diplomats and bombed their plane, led by the veteran diplomat, Comrade / Muhammad Salih Awlaki, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the South?,

Who assassinated the President Comrade/ Salem Rabei Ali “Salmeen”, nicknamed the father of the poor among the toiling peasants and the owner of the overwhelming popular presence among the simple, and his companions/ Jaam Saleh Al-Yafei, the governor of the third governorate (Abyan governorate) currently, and Muhammad Salem Laour Al-Awlaki, a leader in the National Front?

And who pushed the party and state leaders into the abyss of Al-Fateh, Stabil and Mansoura prisons, such as Comrade / Ali Saleh Abbad “Moqbel”, the solid organizational thinker of the National Front and his companions / Abdullah Saleh Al-Bar and Hassan Ahmed Baoum?,

Whoever killed the clever diplomat and the foreign minister of the south at the time, the educated comrade/ Muhammad Saleh Muti’ Al-Yafi’i, and his comrade/ Hussein Muhammad Qamatah, the commander of militia units, the reserve army of the People’s Army, who killed the comrade/ Hadi Ahmed Nasser Al-Madhaji Al-Awlaki, the secretary of the Yemeni Socialist Party in the capital, Aden, and his companions, did I not tell you? In the body of the article, if I had continued to review the victims, we would not have finished this article and we would need to mention them only in books and volumes. That is why the killing of the comrade, the elegant, educated poet / Abdel Fattah Ismail, founder of the Socialist Party, came in the context of making precious sacrifices and in line so that the experience of the National Democratic Revolution succeeds with its socialist horizons!! ! Let us all learn from the sheer scale of pain, killing and intimidation to the broad prospects of peace, security and harmony, and move towards a peaceful solution and the prospects of true tolerance towards the future of a single, happy Yemen.

Conclusion: Have we all learned leaders and followers, humiliated partisans or free intellectuals, participants in the errors of the experience or spectators, have we all learned from the lessons of this experience that was applied in southern Yemen and the bitterness and pain of Yemeni citizens in the south of the country were drenched, or do we still believe, wrongly and falsely, that it was an experiment? (Socialism) is a unique model in our Arab world, and perhaps it has stumbled for objective reasons only?

The mobilization of the common people to demand (separation) is a bad and bad repetition of a failed experiment that took place in the south of the country, no matter how mentally absent some (intellectuals) tried to adorn it and portray it as a paradise for the poor, the toiling and the downtrodden on the earth. The misery and hardship of living. )And above all a science education(

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September Net – Bin Habtoor comments on Al-Attas’s dialogue regarding the events of January 1986

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