From the German court of Koblenz … “Z-30”: If I said 1.5 million corpses in mass graves, I would not be exaggerating (special fees)

اخبار سوريا
اخبار سوريا
اخبار سوريا30 أبريل 2021آخر تحديث : منذ 3 أشهر
From the German court of Koblenz … “Z-30”: If I said 1.5 million corpses in mass graves, I would not be exaggerating (special fees)

اخبار سوريا اليوم – وطن نيوز

سوريا اليوم – اخبار سوريا عاجل  ==== وطن === تاريخ النشر – 2020-09-17 15:29:40

Because of the abundance and significance of what was said by the witness, who was called “07/19 / Z-30”, the court in Koblenz, Germany, heard his testimony in two lengthy sessions on two consecutive days. We previously reported the facts of the first session held on September 9, and here we are trying to inform the second session, which was held on September 10, during which the witness gave new information, and it ended with a debate between the defense committee of the accused (Anwar Raslan, Iyad Al-Gharib) on the one hand, and the witness’s lawyer on the one hand. Other.


After the end of the first session, I (the author of the report) was the last to leave the room .. I started searching among the attendees to obtain a statement or comment with them to complete the picture of the scene, so I was surprised by the witness “Z-30” standing a few meters away from the main door of the court.

I went to the man to get to know him personally. He shook my hand without his tearful eyes paying attention to me. They remained aimlessly at the horizon.

With a loud voice a little, hoping to cut his distraction and draw his attention, I thanked him for his testimony in front of the court, and “Z-30” looked at me and stared into my eyes, then said: “Praise be to God, it is my testimony to God.” .

With his right hand, the man raised his medical mask from below the chin a little to the borders of his mouth, dropping the cigarette with his other trembling hand between his lips, before returning and quickly lowering his hand to remove the mask, leaving smoke coming out from under the mask, constantly wrapping around him, turning around indicates confusion.

I asked him if the translation was good and understandable for him, especially since it used quite a few formal words to address a man (meaning the witness) that his speech and answers suggested, that he did not stay long in school.

Z-30 replied: “It is okay, I understood my cousin.” Then he went without introductions to talking about the bodies, as if he was still leaning in front of the court, and he did not come out of them: “They asked me about the numbers. I exaggerated. By God, there are more than a million (corpses) and text, and God. ”Then he continues, repeating some of the details that he narrated in front of the court, and his hand from time to time raises the mask slightly so that he can smoke, then as soon as you return the mask to its place, with shivering the witness beware To notice her.

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Here, lawyer “Anwar al-Bunni” intervenes, directing his words to me in a somewhat loud voice: “Do not (burden) the man.” Although I tried to change the course of the conversation more than once, I did not succeed, which suggested that the witness was standing in front of me theoretically, but he was absent in Practically another place, and it seemed as if he did not hear me, while insisting on continuing the same conversation (the subject of his testimony), then he walked two steps back and leaned his body to the wall.

* I will not wear it again

Lawyer “Z-30” headed towards us from afar, at an accelerated pace .. Please, without pictures, without meeting, please, “I interrupted him, assuring him that I am not photographing at all.

I went to “Z-30” and asked him: Are you okay? Then he nodded to his head and hand that things are fine, and here, before we parted, I gave him my phone number, hoping that I would receive a call from him that quenched the thirst of questions rushing in my mind and the thoughts of many Syrians who would read The facts of his testimony soon.

The next morning, while standing at the court’s inspection apparatus, while my dream equipment (camera and audio equipment) is being checked, witness “Z-30” arrives from behind me. Today, he did not use the witness entrance.

“Z-30” stands carrying a thick chain of black metal that looks like a chain, asking me to help him by placing it on his wrist, after he had to remove it for the sake of inspection .. , But I warn him that it may become a distinguishable mark by which it is easy to distinguish, Farid spontaneously: “I will not wear it again, concluded.”

* I am their writer

The second session began with the presentation of some attachments, represented by “illustrations” that were in the file of the witness’s investigation … drawing papers or the witness’s handwriting on them in front of the German police, in order to explain to them some details.

Given that photography is prohibited in all its forms, Zaman Al Wasl redrawn the papers presented in the courtroom, via a projector, in an attempt to transmit all the details of those papers, including the simulation of the witness’s handwriting, and the police notes on those papers.

The judge asked the witness: What is this paper (page number one while it was being dropped)?

The witness answered: They asked me what the tomb was like. The symbols on the paper were found on the records following the burial.

Judge: So how was the list that you were receiving?

He replies: I was writing it, and it is similar to the paper I was writing.

Judge: So it was?

Z-30 replies: I am their author.

Judge: What are these numbers written on the paper?

He answered: The numbers are the number of bodies from the branches, and the circle is the shape of the burial area .. The names of the branches came like a code with a number .. They (intelligence officers) were taking me.

“Anwar Raslan” looks at the picture of the paper projected on the court’s wall, and writes with great focus. As for “Iyad al-Gharib,” he pays no attention, and he does not even look at the picture at all.

The witness confirms that his drawing of this paper was an attempt to explain to the officers during the investigation the form of the papers that he was writing, and that this paper is only an example that shows how he used to record the symbols of the branches and next to it the numbers of bodies coming from each branch, adding: “I mean, for example, the number 40 and the letter D. I mean, State Security, Department 40, and after the number of dead, and to whom did this branch belong?

This is when the bodies of the victims come directly from the branches, but when they are received from the military hospitals (Tishreen and Harasta), the bodies were attached to a different number of documents each time, because the bodies received from the military hospitals, according to the witness’s explanation, are collected from several security branches And each branch has its own document, commenting: “Sometimes Brad (a truck to transport the bodies) comes with 3 documents, and sometimes 10 documents, meaning every document from the branch. I drew the figure roughly in Arabic, so you know where we were taking (the bodies), and the police wrote The englishman on it. “

* Maher Al-Assad Squad

After that, the court showed the picture of the second page of the witness’s “drawings”, and here the latter immediately commented: “The police asked me to draw from where the bodies were brought, so that I drew it …. The fourth division was buried in the location of the group, who added that The fourth division was finally following. “

The judge inquires what he meant by “the criminal”, because he mentioned this term to the police at the time of the investigation, while “Anwar Raslan” stared at the witness with great focus, and “Iyad al-Gharib” puts his hands on his head as if he had a headache.

The court moves to satellite images, where the judge displays some “Google Maps” snapshots, but the witness fails to locate the graves on the maps.

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The defense attorney for the accused manages to ask the witness: Where is the Damascus airport located? Then he asks him about the location of the graves again.

The conversation goes back to the work of the witness from the beginning, and how he was carrying out some “work” without any knowledge of the details, and with the passage of time, Assad’s intelligence services began to trust him and his team, and began to rely on him and them to perform the “mission.”

During the second session, the witness confirmed that the Fourth Division and the Air Force Intelligence in Mezzeh and Mezzeh Airport have their own collective graves, according to what he heard from the driver of “Al-Bagher” and the driver of “Turks”, who were assigned to dig burial trenches in “Najha” and “Al-Qatifah”, where these were The two drivers also perform the same tasks at the 4th and Air Force cemeteries.

A judge asks about the status of the Mezzeh Military Hospital (601), and the witness answers that it is similar to the Tishreen Hospital, but the Mezzeh Hospital is small and does not accommodate large body refrigerators such as Tishreen Hospital, and therefore the bodies are transferred from the Mezzeh Hospital to Tishreen, to be transferred from there to one of the two cemeteries in Najha Or marigold.

The judge asks: Were you entering the hospital? Z-30 replies: “No, I did not enter, but I was seeing the cars when he was coming out of Tishreen Hospital. I was waiting for the officer who was looking at the bodies with the accompanying patrol.”

Judge: You spoke to the police about a third grave. What is the name of the third grave?

He answers: It belonged to the Fourth Division, affiliated with Maher al-Assad, here they were buried in the heart of the division. And the Air Force Intelligence branch in Mezze, they were buried in the same branch. “

Judge: Did you work with them or did you hear about it?

He replies: “The driver of Al-Baghir and the Turkish driver used to tell me this word, and they used to say that they were dug at the Mezze airport for the purpose of throwing the bodies.”

* Questions with objections

The representative of the Public Prosecution asked the witness to turn a little back, where “Anwar Raslan” and “Iyad al-Gharib” were seated, and to look at them and make sure that he knew them or had seen them before, and here Iyad al-Gharib gives him the silence that he overpowered during the session, And he took off his medical mask, waving his hand to the witness, but “Anwar Raslan” did not move from his place and remained still.

The witness looks at Ruslan and al-Gharib and tells the court that he does not know them.

After the witness had emptied everything in his pocket in this session, the Defendants Defense Commission proceeded to direct its questions to “Z-30”, and most of them were questions about the personality of the witness, who had previously been confirmed by the court the right to hide it (i.e. the character) even from a team Defense.

A lawyer from the defense committee asked the witness: What did you do after you left the school? Then the witness’s lawyer objected to the question, saying that it was a question that had nothing to do with the case, but the defense attorney insisted on knowing the answer.

Here, the judges’ panel intervened, and confirmed its response to the question of the defendant’s defense lawyer, who in turn moved to another question, addressing the witness: “Were you a truck driver?” As the case, the witness’s lawyer objected, so the defendants ’lawyer repeated his question, confirming that he did not want a preferred answer, enough yes Or no, the witness replied: Yes.

The defense attorney asks for the defendants: Have you performed the military service ?, then the witness’s lawyer is presented again and the judges accept his objection, then the defendants ’lawyer tries with another question:“ Were you in the administration in Damascus after I finished the military service? ”.. A ​​question countered by the objection from the witness’s lawyer who He confirms, “I am the witness’s legal assistant and his lawyer. My client used to take workers to the cemetery and record the lists in the office, and he explained that in detail.”

Judge for the witness: Do you confirm that?

Witness: Yes, yes.

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The defense attorney repeated the same question to the witness: Were you an employee in the administration ?, the witness’s lawyer returns the objection.

The defense attorney for the witness: You said that the brigadier … (the name was withheld by Zaman Al Wasl) gave you the assignment? And at this question, it was very strange for the defense attorney to reveal the name of a dean who worked with the witness, despite the witness’s lawyer repeatedly warning about any information It may lead to the disclosure of the identity of his client.

The representative of the Public Prosecution office responds to the defense attorney: “You are asking for details. We do not know what you want to reach through them.”

Witness defense attorney: Were you the one who took the lists personally?

He replies, “Yes, I am with a security officer.”

Defense attorney: Where did you take these lists?

Replied: “In the office.”

Witness’s defense attorney: How did you know what you were recording? How do you know that the bearer of this or that name is a dead person?

Judge for defense counsel: I think your question has nothing to do with what the witness said.

Defense attorney for the judge: I authorize you to raise the question.

Judge: The witness said he was receiving the lists with the trucks.

Here, the defense attorneys enter into moments of deliberation with each other, to declare that they are sufficient to ask questions, and to inform the judge, the witness “Z-30”, that he can now leave.

The second hearing ends around 12:05 pm, and the witness quickly leaves the courtroom, as if he is racing against time.

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From the German court of Koblenz … “Z-30”: If I said 1.5 million corpses in mass graves, I would not be exaggerating (special fees)

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