The torture scar appeared on his face … a new witness challenges “Raslan” and confirms that he is still the same bullying officer.

اخبار سوريا
اخبار سوريا
اخبار سوريا27 أبريل 2021آخر تحديث : منذ شهرين
The torture scar appeared on his face … a new witness challenges “Raslan” and confirms that he is still the same bullying officer.

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With a hat on his head and a loose-fitting jacket, with dark black glasses and a muzzle on the face, the witness entered the courtroom in Koblenz with his lawyer and fiancée (as it was later identified) through the door reserved for witnesses close to the audience.

During the forty-sixth session, from the trial of the intelligence officer “Anwar Raslan”, not all the protection means that the witness himself surrounded, prevented us from feeling his apparent anxiety by walking and turning him left and right, and for the first time one of those coming with witnesses from their relatives chose to sit next to the witness, as well. I did his fiancée and not stay in the audience.

The witness’s lawyer began to tell the court about the need to keep the witness hidden, and about leaks and threats that may target his family members in Syria. Soon, the defendant’s lawyer, Anwar Raslan, intervened to say: “I do not find a justification for keeping him hidden. It is natural for information to come out from the trial, it is a public trial, and whatever We did. The situation in Syria is the same. People there are always wanted for security. What we do here will not change anything from the reality there. “

The witness’s lawyer replied that the issue was greater than that, and started talking about a “fax” that was sent quickly the previous day. The lawyer sent it to the court’s judges, telling them some of what had happened, without disclosing more information to the attendees.

* Evacuate the hall

In the trial sessions of the defendants Anwar Raslan and Iyad al-Gharib, as the public we are accustomed to the occurrence of long discussions between the parties to the case, each of them attributing his request to conceal the witness or reveal him to a legal text, and their discussions end after the judge’s panel is convinced of one of the two options and issued a decision in this regard. Today, the matter was completely different. According to the witness’s lawyer, what poses a danger to him, which made the judge go to the presence of the press and documenters and say: “Please the attendees to evacuate the room immediately.” .. It was an unexpected surprise, that the attendees would be asked to leave A public trial, which means that the matter has become more than serious for them, and only the parties to the case – without the public present – had to be informed of the reality of the threat.

Five minutes was the interval between being taken out as an audience and being summoned again to enter, but it bore a lot of questions. Between us who used to attend all the trial sessions so far … we whisper outside the door of Hall 128 (the place of the trial) about what is happening inside, before our questions are resolved. One of the judicial officers opens the door and tells us, “Now you can enter.”

In the hall, the decision was made in favor of keeping the witness hidden, it seems that what his lawyer showed them did not require much discussion about it.

The witness sat with his back to attend, facing the judges, and trying to make use of the muzzle and black glasses to hide his facial features, each of his lawyer and fiancée sat on his right, and on his left was one of the court interpreters.

The witness underwent two detention trials for the “Al-Khatib Branch” during 2011 and 2012, and he informed the judges in detail about these two bitter experiences. One of them left a permanent scar on his face, which I (the author of the report) could see clearly when I met him after he gave his testimony.

Brutal beating during arrest, with the subsequent torture that follows until the detainee arrives at the security branch and the “reception party” begins, which may cause immediate death, as the witness said, and before him, former witnesses .. These are details that the parties to the case used to hear from the victims witnesses, but this The witness had suffered so much torture that he was hit in one of his eyes, broke his teeth, and smashed two ribs in his chest, which necessitated his transfer to Al-Mujtahid Hospital before starting his interrogation during his first arrest.

“They tied me in a wheelchair and brought me into the ambulance department, surrounded by five fully armed security officers and started shouting at the hospital and calling me a terrorist and a sniper, which led to a state of panic among the attendees who rushed to throw me with insults and insults. Then, a doctor came to me asking for my name, and before I answered him, he did One of the elements sharply: His record is number three. So I simply turned to number three. I think they wanted to obliterate my identity in the event I die in the hospital. “

Even the doctors and the ambulance department dealt with him cruelly as he told the judges. In Al-Mujtahid Hospital, the eye doctor told him after examining him that he would not see the injured eye again, and at this moment none of us (who were present) needed to see the hidden features of his face, to realize the extent of the pain escaping from Among his words.

After he was taken out of the hospital loaded with medicines and prescriptions, the security forces threw them all and tore up the prescriptions, saying, “You must die, not be treated.”

On the second day of his presence in the Al-Khatib branch, he was summoned to interrogation, and from under the “ambush” he was able to see the luxurious office in which one investigator distinguished his shape with a glance. The investigator asked him about one of his relatives, and when the witness answered an answer that the interrogator did not like, he approached him and slapped him on the face twice, and then hit him with a knee on his stomach.

* A corner in Hell

“After I saw his picture on the Internet, after his arrest in Germany … I knew him. He was the one who hit me. It was Anwar Raslan, and I can confirm that with 90%,” the witness told the judges. They asked him to look again at the accused, and to refer to him personally from among the lawyers and translators sitting with him. The witness looked at “Raslan”, and with a signal from his hand, he confirmed that it was him. This look and signal had another story, which the witness told “Zaman Al Wasl”.

Although his tone of voice was sometimes shaky and his memory was exhausted with the details of the arrest that he had to bring to inform the judges after all those years had passed, the witness did not ask for a rest for six hours except twice, each of which did not exceed a quarter of an hour. The witness did not forget to inform the judges about the deaths he saw in detention, about a young man whose nails were pulled out and severely tortured, and about another who lost his mind as a result of not sleeping and sitting for four consecutive days, as he began to urinate in his clothes and talk to himself.

He also told them about children under the age of fifteen, who were tortured in a brutal manner and were placed in a corner of the “big dormitory” in the Al-Khatib branch, as a result of their poor health. “A corner” was designated for “hopeless” cases .. He told them about his thoughts of suicide during his second detention in the branch Arbaeen (headed by Hafez Makhlouf) after he was stopped by the emergency stairs in the building, and there he decided for a moment to throw himself as a result of severe torture and his desperation to stay alive, but the first questions from the judges (after speaking about his private arrest and before listing all these details) She was far from what he said as a witness, close to him as a human:

– The judge: “How are you today? After all that you have been through? Can you see with your injured eye?”

– The witness: “After I got out of the prison, the first time I underwent treatment for 6 months and I was able to see after that, the evaluation of the mujtahid hospital doctor was wrong, I treated my teeth … As for my psychological state (pause for a moment and continue), I don’t have the courage to go to a psychiatrist To tell him what happened to me, I paint and this thing helps me. As for suicide, it was just an idea that struck me for a moment, which I quickly backed out. “

Judge: Did you complete your studies? do you work now?

Witness: I completed my studies and graduated, and tension always accompanied me during that. I now work from my home.

After that, the judges went into deeper details about what the witness suffered and what he saw himself. He told them that he was tortured several times in both arrests during and before the investigations, and described with all accuracy what he saw of torture marks on other detainees. He was recounting here as if the event was “fresh” that happened yesterday. Or before it, as if its details did not leave his mind even for a while.

“In a small corner of the large dormitory there was a man with an injured stomach, the color of blood was orange, and the inflammation spread in his feet, even I saw the worms walking on them. He was unable to move and was relieving himself in his clothes. Later, one of the detainees called the jailer and told him that he was … He died, so he ordered them to throw him out of the dormitory. “

– The judge: “How did you know that he was dead?”

– The witness: “I do not have an accurate medical answer, but the other detainees said that he died, and when they carried him he was not moving. I could not see him up close because the dormitory was very overcrowded.”

– The judge: “Was there a place to sleep in the dormitory?”

– The witness: “No, and if one of them tries to lie down, another will come and lie on top of it, and another will also come, and it may reach four bodies stacked on top of each other, so no one would have dared to lie down, if he found a place, because he knew that he would suffocate after less than half an hour. “.

He continued: “Infections were a very common condition among the detainees due to the intensity of the heat (because the ceiling was iron and the numbers were large inside the dormitory), and no matter how simple the wound was, it turned into a bad infection within two days. On one occasion we operated on a detainee, in a primitive attempt to treat his toe, Where the corrupt blood clotted and the inflammation reached a very bad level .. With a piece of crusty paint we took from the wall and turned it into a scalpel, we opened the skin, and we did what was necessary, there were no medicines and we could not order them anyway … The angle in which the affected people were placed was the worst ever, because It was their end. In short, it was hell. “

The litigants did not help the six hours of the session to ask all the questions they had, so they decided to complete the hearing of the witness the next day (on November 26), and during a session that lasted about an hour and a half, the judge ended it with the word “thank you”, she said it to the witness in Arabic, not in German , Announcing the end of listening to him.

* I came to get rid of horror

In front of the main door and after everyone had left, I met the witness face to face for the first time. He did not smoke heavily or turn around as much as the previous day, his tone still bears some anxiety.

“I received a letter two days before my testimony from one of the media, stating that it knew I was coming to court despite my prior agreement with the Judicial Committee to keep my name and picture and everything that would reveal my identity secret, so how did it come to the press ?!, that was a sufficient reason for me to think not to come to the court.” The session, I felt a real threat, it was not supposed to happen. ”This is what the witness told me in front of the court door, trying to clarify what the parties had argued when they took us out of the hall.

I saw a mark visible above his eye. I asked him: Is it the sign of torture that you talked about? He replied, “Yes, it is still apparent until now.” We followed the walk together, accompanied by his fiancée.

Were you afraid?

Absolutely not, I was a little nervous at the beginning because of the translation and just wanted everything that I said to arrive clearly, and my curiosity was aroused by the large number of judges and lawyers I saw in the hall.

He told me that he had a choice between attending and not, because he resides outside Germany, but despite what happened he wanted to come.

-Why? What is your motive for that, despite what happened from the leakage of your identity?

First, it felt like a personal victory for me in front of an officer who one day beat me. When the judges asked me to look at him, I looked defiantly and forcefully. He also looked at me the same way. I wanted to tell him at the time: Do you think you still have power? Or are you still the strongest? His gaze felt that he was still that officer, I am sure that if he was given power again, his behavior would not be different from the previous one, I saw evil in his eyes, he was never ashamed or remorseful, I listed very painful details in my testimony and yet he seemed indifferent. . Those whom I told the court about (victims of torture) were my second motivation to come here. I felt that I was responsible for telling their stories, people whose names I did not know, but I heard their screams under torture, and I saw what happened to them. On the other hand, I felt that I was free of the horror, the terror of arrest and the officer that had been with me for a long time.

He continues: After entering the courtroom, I felt that I was in a position of strength and justice. I said to myself: He will not be able to harm me here. His fiancée intervenes here and continues: But after you turned your face from him, you choked until I thought you almost cried. He answered her: It is true, because after I looked at him and pointed at him with my finger, I felt that I was pointing to one of the sources of our pain. I felt that pain all at once and saw it clearly in front of me. With us, suddenly I could see him in front of me and point to him, I put the mask off my face at the time, I did not feel afraid to see me, I was sure that in this very moment I was stronger than him.

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The torture scar appeared on his face … a new witness challenges “Raslan” and confirms that he is still the same bullying officer.

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