The prisoners put the finishing touches to the preparations for the open strike next Thursday

اخبار فلسطين
اخبار فلسطين
اخبار فلسطين19 مارس 2023آخر تحديث : منذ 3 أيام
The prisoners put the finishing touches to the preparations for the open strike next Thursday

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The Palestine Center for Prisoner Studies confirmed that the prisoners in the occupation prisons have finished putting the final touches on the arrangements for the open hunger strike that thousands of prisoners will embark on next Thursday, on the first day of Ramadan, in protest against the sanctions of the occupation security minister, Ben Gvir.

The Palestine Center stated that the prisoners intensified during the past days the general mobilization sessions in the prisons in the outburst squares and inside the rooms, and during the Friday sermons, to explain the details of the strike to the prisoners and mobilize their energy, raise their determination and create the conditions for a strike that may be prolonged to restore the rights of the prisoners and stop the fierce attack that Ben Gvir is leading against them. .

The Palestine Center indicated that the conditions in the occupation prisons are getting hotter and more tense as we approach the month of Ramadan, when more than four thousand prisoners will begin an open hunger strike to restore their rights. prisons to respond to their demands.

Researcher Riyad Al-Ashqar, Director of the Palestine Center, revealed that the prisoners had rejected, during the past period, the proposals put forward by the prison administration, which tried to circumvent the clear demands of the prisoners. .

Al-Ashqar said that the prisoners in the occupation prisons are waiting for their people to stand strong in support of the size of the risks they are exposed to in light of Ben Ghafir’s procedures, and the harsh conditions that await them after entering the open-ended hunger strike.

Al-Ashkar considered that the broad solidarity with the prisoners and the expansion of the circle of engagement with the occupation soldiers and the impact on his security by supporting the prisoners, will shorten the life of the struggle steps that the prisoners are implementing and force the occupation to respond to their demands, as the occupation fears the repercussions of the explosion of field conditions in the Palestinian arena, in the event that the prisoners implement Mass hunger strike step.

Al-Ashqar described the current stage as one of the most dangerous stages that the captive movement is going through, as the occupation is trying to force them to accept the fait accompli and deal with the new conditions after the new sanctions without resistance.

Al-Ashqar called on all Palestinians to invest all forces, and to form the widest support front for the prisoners in their decisive battle against the extremist occupation government and its security minister Ben Gvir, who seeks to confiscate the rights of the prisoners and withdraw their achievements that they achieved with blood, strikes and martyrs over decades.

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The prisoners put the finishing touches to the preparations for the open strike next Thursday

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