The University of Texas team from Qatar wins the Asian Championship title in its second edition – QatarDebate Center

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Doha – QatarDebate Center

On Thursday, February 2, the Asian Arabic Debating Championship – organized by the QatarDebate Center – a member of the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development – in cooperation with the Oman Debate Center and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, Muscat, the capital of the Sultanate of Oman, was concluded on February 2, 2023.

With the generous honor of His Highness Fahr bin Fatik Al Said, sponsor of the closing ceremony, and the honor of His Highness Mr. Firas bin Fatik Al Said, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Oman Debate Center, and with the generous participation of their Excellencies and officials in the Sultanate of Oman, the active partner in the world of debates with the QatarDebate Center, which you chair Dr. Hayat Abdullah Marafi – Executive Director of the Center and her valuable presence at the head of the Center’s delegation in this tournament.

The winning teams in the championship for debates in Arabic, whether they are native speakers or others

The ceremony, which was presented by the Center’s ambassador from Qatar, Muhammad Al-Lakhun Al-Marri, witnessed the crowning of the title holder for the open category University of Texas team A&M from state Qatar – Al-Muwala – after his victory over Princess Sumaya University for Technology team – from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan The Opposition – which won second place.

On the issue of the final round: “This Council believes that it is time for Asian countries to turn towards China instead of the United States of America.” The arbitration session was chaired by the Center’s ambassador from the Sultanate of Oman, Mr. Salem bin Mutair Al Shamakhi With the participation of 9 international arbitrators.

Arabic language category for non-native speakers

This has been crowned The University of Malaysian Islamic Sciences team won the first place The Arabic language category for non-native speakers – Maulana Malik Ibrahim University team from Indonesia came in second place

Speech of His Highness Firas bin Fatik

On this occasion, His Highness Firas bin Fatik Al Said Firas bin Fatik Al Said – Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Oman Debate Center – after welcoming His Highness Sayyid Fahr bin Fatik Al Said, the sponsor of the closing ceremony and the honorable guests and participants: “I was pleased to host the second edition of the Asian Debating Championship Universities in Arabic, Muscat 2023.

Since we took over the file of this championship, we have been striving to show it beyond expectations and achieve the highest benefits and gains, as well as showing the Omani generosity and its good land. However, the seating of the people of Asia laden with different ideas, diverse tongues, and a wide and amazing difference in cultures under one roof is the greatest gain and benefit that nothing surpasses.

His Highness Firas continued: “Since its establishment, the Oman Debate Center has sought to root the art of debates among the people of Oman, believing in the unique value of this art on our youth. Or a university or sports club from a debating entity,

He added: “As usual, Oman is the dove of the world, which spares no effort in spreading peace and dialogue in the midst of a turbulent and crisis world. We carried the thought of His Majesty the late Sultan Qaboos bin Said – may God rest his soul – and the thought of our leader who carried Major General His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tariq, may God protect and preserve him… And here we are following in their footsteps, adhering to their lofty school of dialogue and brotherhood.

From here, the burden of our responsibility rose, and our activity and the scope of our cooperation extended to neighboring countries and countries of Asia…Your countries that you came to represent, and you were the best representative.

We worked with our partners in the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth and the QatarDebate Center to contribute to the continuity of various debate championships and programs within a broader framework than Oman. The confidence of their homelands and that they are its future, pillar and inexhaustible wealth.

At the end of his speech, he extended his sincere thanks to His Highness Sayyid Fahr bin Fatik Al Said for sponsoring the closing ceremony, and extended thanks to the efforts of the organizers who worked over the past months to make this cultural event a success from the QatarDebate Center, the OmanDebate Center, and the dear brothers in the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, with whom we had the pleasure of cooperating We hope to open new partnerships with them for the benefit of our ambitious youth.

Many thanks to the institutions and companies sponsoring and supporting this event. They have all thanks and appreciation for this active contribution to the success of hosting the tournament. And to all the committees working in organizing and hosting the event, and the local and international arbitrators who gave us their time and effort and believed in us and in these argumentative and diligent youth, and everyone who worked on training and qualifying the debaters and arbitrators, we thank you. You make leaders and the word of change.

Finally, I thank those hands that organized the presence of this gathering and worked on their comfort and stability… the knights in their red and blue shirts… our volunteers are the sons of Oman, and let’s not forget the media professionals who brought the world the voice of Asia,

At the end of his speech, he said: “Welcome to all of Asia in Muscat, and you are always welcome in Oman, the country in which you will not feel God’s help except that you are its children.

Dr. Hayat Marafi, Executive Director of QatarDebate Center

In her turn, and at the beginning of her speech, Dr. Hayat Abdullah Marafi – Executive Director of QatarDebate Center – said: “I am proud in this position to express, on behalf of the QatarDebate Center family – a member of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development – the appreciation of His Highness Fihr’s role in sponsoring the closing ceremony

وصاحب السمو فراس بن فاتك آل سعيد الموقر،على قيادَتِهِ لِرَكْبِ المناظرات بهمّةٍ شبابيةٍ عُمانيةْ لا تَعرِفُ إلّا الصُعودْ، فَنحنُ نَعرِفُ تماماً أنَّ الإيمانَ بالشبابِ المُـتَّـشِحِ بالهِمَّةِ العاليةِ والرُؤيةِ المُـتَّـقدة،هو وصفةُ هذا النَّجاحِ الماثلِ أمَامَنا في مركز مناظرات عُمان عَبْرَ جَميعِ أنشِطَتِهِ النوعيّةِ والهادِفةْ، لذا We extend our warmest congratulations to the leadership and family of the Oman Debate Center for what you are achieving in the beloved Sultanate.

مخاطبة المتناظرون :” أبنائي الكرام حُرّاسَ الُّلغةِ وفرسَانَها، يامَن حَمّلتُم الحَرفَ حُجَجاً وازِنَة، وصِغْتُم الأفكارَ المُتَوازنة، فكُنتُم بين طَلاقةٍ هادِرَة، وَأناةٍ آسِرَة، فَمِنكُم مَن وُلِد بالعَربيّة، ومِنكُم مَن وُلِدَت العَربيَّةُ بِهْ، ولكن جَمعَتكُم لُغَةٌ جَعَلَ اللهُ حَرفَها الواحدَ آية.

وتابعت الدكتورة حياة :” لا أستَطيعُ أنْ أصِفَ سَعادَتي بنُطقِكُم ومَنطِقِكُم، فَفي كُلّ بُطُولةٍ أجِدُ نَفسيَ مُتَيَّمةً بَينَ لَهَجَاتٍ ولُغاتٍ تَمتَزِجُ بالعَرَبِيّةِ الفَصيحَةْ، ويُجاهِدُ الحَرفَ لِنُطْقِ الكَلِمَةِ بِوضُوحٍ وبَساطةْ، مُقاوِماً عَيْنَ العَرَبيّة الجادّةْ، والضّادَ المعجزةْ، لكِنّنا نَفهَمه ونُقدره، ونُشَجّعه، فَتحيةٌ لكلّ هَؤلاءِ Knights.

She added: “A debate gives its owner confidence and boldness, so make humility the crown of this confidence, not arrogance, for knowledge inherits humility and lowering one’s wings, so be the ears of goodness, fairies, and clear voices of truth.”

مشيدة بشركاء المركز بقولها :” عَمِلنا معكم ومع شركاؤنا على نَشْرِ فَن المُناظراتْ إيمَاناً مِنّا بأنّ بناءَ مَلَكَةِ المَنْطِقْ، وبِراعَةَ النُّطق تُسهم في بناءِ شَخّصيةٍ مُتكامِلَة وفائِقَة، قادِرَةٍ على قِيادَةِ الحِوَارِ المُجتمعيِّ وإنتاجِ أفكارٍ للمُستقبل، مَع تَركيزِنا على ثُنائيّةِ العَقلِ والِّلسانْ، لذا فإنَّ البُطولَةَ الآسيويةَ The successful and other heroes of the focus are considered to be an impartiality of experiences and disciples, so between the two arbitrators are sufficient, and the analogues are enthusiastic, we find a lot of advice, development, and replacing the opinions, and this is the same,

متقدمة بالشكر الجزيل لمركز مناظرات عُمان على هذا التنظيم الرائع للمُحكّمينَ وللسفراء وأعضاء النخبة على دَوامِ جُهدهِم وتميزهم، وللمُدرِّبينَ الّذينَ أنْضَجوا لنا هذا الطّلعْ الزَّاكيَ مِنْ مُتَناظِرينَ وَفِرَق، وهُنا من مسرحِ مدينةِ العِرفانْ نُقدِّمُ عِرفانَنَا لورُودٍ عُمانيّة… هم في حُسنِهم وعَطائِهم وقُدرتِهم على بثِّ الألَقْ في أقسى Circumstances, they resemble the beautiful rose of the Sultan, whose name bears this magnificent hall, and I mean here the volunteers of this championship who were a beauty scattered among you, so I salute them from the depths.

والشكرُ لكُل الجامعاتِ الآسيويةِ المشاركة على حُسنِ تمثيلِهم لبلدانهم، كما أمُدُّ جَزيلَ العِرْفانِ لِكُلِّ الشُرَكاءِ الّذينَ كانَ لهُم بَصمَةٌ لا تُمحى في سَجَلِّ شَرَفِ البُطولةِ كمُساهِمينَ وداعمين في هذا الإنجَاز، وعلى رأسهم وزارةُ الرياضة والثّقافَة والشباب العُمانيَّة، ووزارّةُ التُّراثِ والسّياحةِ في عُمان، وبنكُ التَّنميةِ العُمانيّ، and Mwasalat, and the media sponsor: “Al-Wesal”, the first radio station, and the official broadcaster; Oman Air.

The best Arabic speakers for non-native speakers

with regards For the best 5 Arabic speakers for non-native speakers The first came from Indonesia, Muhammad Hussain Rifai from the University of Maulana Malik Ibrahim, and the second best speaker in the tournament came the student Muhammad Afiq Arshad Tarimizi from the University of Islamic Sciences Malaysia, and the third came the student Umm Hasna from the University of Maulana Malik Ibrahim, and the fourth Habib Rahman from Dar Al-Huda Islamic University, and finally Student Maysara bint Ahmed Azmi from the University of Islamic Sciences Malaysia “

Best Open Class Debating Championship Speakers

The best speakers of the tournament for Arabic speakers were also honored, and they are according to the highest points from the first to the tenth: “She was the best speaker in this tournament and won the highest corresponding points Moza Khaled Al-Hajry from GeorgetownFollowed second by Muhammad Khalid Sulaiman Ahmed from Texas in Qatar, Abdullah Jassim Abdullah Jassim Al-Kubaisi from Qatar University, Hamza Al-Sioufi from Georgetown, Moamen Al-Moataz Khalafallah Ibrahim from Carnegie Mellon, Rola Muhammad Al-Ahmad from Princess Sumaya University, Israa Hassan Falah Hassan from An-Najah University National, Wissam Al-Sadiq Muhammad presented from Texas Qatar,

Hedaya Hassanein from the Islamic University in Gaza, the tenth place went to the student Aisha Hanani Abdul Rahman from the Malaysian International Islamic School, and the tenth place was repeated by Zeina Munther Ali Abu Melhem from the techno in Jordan.

In this regard, the student Moza Khaled Al-Hajri, who won the first place as the best speaker in the tournament from Georgetown University in Qatar, said: “The focus was on analyzing situations in a good and intelligent way using our information, as we specialize in the Department of International Politics and we have a good stock in various fields, especially politics and economics, so we benefited from this Information in building the position and providing examples. All of you are in analyzing and framing the scope of the debate and applying all the directives from the trainers of QatarDebate Center. Thank you.”

In turn, the debater, Hafez from the University of Islamic Sciences Malaysia, said that the experience is difficult and different from the tournament in its first edition in terms of confrontation with highly skilled Qatari teams, but it is a good experience that opens the way for students to master the Arabic language from non-native speakers.

She added: “We are happy that we achieved the victory, and we expected that, as we reached the final in the previous participations, but we aspire to compete with the Arabic-speaking category, and here our dream comes true and we prove to ourselves that nothing is impossible in the face of determination and persistence.”

As for the debater, Wissam Al-Sadiq from the University of Texas team that won the championship, she stated the importance of this tournament, especially since the competitions were strong between the teams, and this is what gave the team expertise in building ideas in a proper way. We feel proud mixed with joy.. It is really a wonderful experience.

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The people of Asia under one roof.

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Sameer Al-Nimry: In an environment that opposes dialogue and societies that restrict the virtue of listening, such debates are based on pluralism of thought, freedom of expression, and rooting in the values ​​of democracy. Convictions in which students see a seed for dealing with the differences taking place in the region.

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The University of Texas team from Qatar wins the Asian Championship title in its second edition – QatarDebate Center

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