President of “The Lebanese”: The file of the owners and full-time to the end soon

اخبار لبنان
اخبار لبنان
اخبار لبنان9 نوفمبر 2021آخر تحديث : منذ 3 أسابيع
President of “The Lebanese”: The file of the owners and full-time to the end soon

اخبار لبنان – وطن نيوز

اخبار لبنان 24 – اخبار لبنان مباشر  ==== وطن === تاريخ النشر – 2021-11-06 09:19:17

The Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences at the Lebanese University launched its new curricula in a ceremony held at the Faculty of Arts, Branch Two – Fanar, entitled “The New Curricula of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences”, under the patronage of the President of the University, Professor Bassam Badran, and in the presence of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Professor Ahmed Rabah, Head of the Higher Committee To develop curricula and programs at the university, Professor Hussein Badran, a number of branch directors, professors, students, and academic and educational figures.

The celebration began with the national anthem and the anthem of the Lebanese University, after which the director of the celebration and live broadcast, Dr. Hussein Abdel Halim, delivered a speech in which he welcomed the participants, stressing “the importance of the occasion as an educational and academic achievement that keeps pace with the times, and the word of achievement is the key word for this wonderful celebration.”

Then the director of the second branch at the Faculty of Arts, Professor Hind Al-Mamouz, delivered a speech in which she welcomed the participants, and said: “The Lebanese University remains on the path of giving, distinguished and distinguished, firmly rooted in the heart of the country, pulsing with life and movement, and striving for the development of thought and human being, the victory of truth and goodness, and the advancement of the nation. Like a phoenix, it charts a straight path, the path of dreams that will come true tomorrow.”

She added: “What the Faculty of Arts and Humanities has achieved at all levels, especially in developing curricula, is a cultural, human and civilizational value that Dean Ahmed Rabah has established as a wealth of the nation’s wealth. Thank you for your noble efforts, Dean. Thanks are due to the Higher Committee for Curriculum and Program Development at the Lebanese University. And its president, Dr. Hussein Badran, for his presence with us today, and for all the efforts made to achieve the curricula of arts in the best way, and the college grows in the size of curricula developed to motivate, sing, build and grow with the size of our happiness on this day. Section Two.

A speech by the Coordinator of the Central Curriculum Committee at the College, Professor Maha Jarjoura, entitled: “The New Curriculum and the Labor Market”, began by explaining through the “PowerPoint” program. He observed the procedure, and launched an academic work, in the darkest times that the country is going through, and that came in terms of form, objectives and content outside the context of events in Lebanon on the economic and security levels. A development led by one of its most prominent features linking the majors of arts with the needs and variables of the age, bringing about a change in the stereotyped image of graduates of arts, opening the majors of the college to each other, opening the paths between all converging majors, and opening the majors of the university to the world in accordance with the IMD system, and with standards Ensuring the quality of education in higher education institutions, and qualifies the college to be distinguished among the faculties of arts in the Arab world and the major faculties of arts in the world.

The development process included the specializations of the college all in the five branches and the two centers: nine diplomas, twelve licenses, twelve professional master’s degrees distributed over eighteen tracks, twelve research master’s degrees – distributed over twenty-six tracks. different through the different stages of work.

She added: “The curriculum development project was initiated by the college before engaging in the issue of self-evaluation that is supposed to obtain academic accreditation, in implementation of Decree 2225, which stipulates the need to develop curricula every five years, and at the time, that is, 2019 had passed six years since The last amendment, add that this development process included all the college certificates, not just those that the Deanship requested at the time to be evaluated, so the evaluation experience was used to improve all certificates without exception, considering that “the issue is vital and essential, and modernization is a necessity imposed by legal and civilized realities.” It is an urgent necessity in order to keep pace with the changes taking place in society, through the introduction of new courses that meet the emerging needs of the labor market, and the convergence of intellectual issues and civilized problems presented and discussed by the Lebanese University conferences and international conferences.

And she continued: “Under the leadership of Dean Rabah and his directives, and through the patronage of the former president of the university, Professor Fouad Ayoub, several meetings were organized between the Central Curriculum Committee in the college and the Higher Committee for the development of curricula and programs at the university, which accompanied all stages of the amendments, and worked carefully on reading the curricula, in terms of Form and content, checked in terms of credits, codes, number of hours, translations, course titles, and in the gradation of difficulties between bachelor, master and diploma, within the chapters of each certificate separately All correspondence related to development work, notes and responses to them with the Supreme Committee are documented Dozens of meetings were conducted, dozens of observations, questions and responses Between the Deanship and the Presidency, and I would not exaggerate if I say hundreds of hours spent by the professors participating in this process since its inception until the date of obtaining approval for it in reading, thinking, scrutiny, coordination, and following up with the IT technical team in the Deanship.

She concluded: “The achievements of the College of Arts and Humanities, along with the development of curricula, focused on achieving the goals of the college’s development strategy, avoiding the shortcomings and weaknesses in the results of evaluating the approved curricula, engineering specializations in the five branches and the two centers according to common and unified standards, at the level of coordinating the joint courses between all departments, which She studies in more than one department at the same time, and at the level of implementing the recommendations of the Supreme Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education, with regard to history and philosophy, linking theoretical subjects with applied subjects, making training at its core, introducing all courses that contribute to preparing a student researcher and thinker, and possessing the required skills In the field of work, establishing new agreements with international universities.

Then the representative of the professors of the Faculty of Arts in the University Council, Professor Dalia Khreibani, gave a speech, in which she said: “For the sun to rise in the curricula in the Faculty of Arts, in these most unjust and miserable days that our dear country Lebanon is going through, and for the lamps of knowledge to light the paths of our students, this means that the College Etiquette overcomes challenges steadily and raises the flags of science above the pile of ignorance.This is how a constellation of college professors was able, after two years of scientific discussions, to combine their efforts and challenge all logistical and psychological obstacles to modify the curricula that keep pace with the requirements of the times and are linked to the labor market.All this under the auspices and supervision of the dean of our college. Professor Ahmed Rabah, who encouraged and insisted on its application so that the College of Arts would be a productive college and its star would shine in the university sky.

She concluded by congratulating Professor Badran on his appointment, “who is known for his gentleness, scientific competence and dynamism.

Dean Rabah began his speech by congratulating Badran on his appointment as President of the Lebanese University, and said: “The development of the curricula of the Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences is a very important step, which had to be worked on in implementation of the developmental strategic objectives of the faculty and the educational system in it, and this development strategy was based on ensuring education for all, An education that is open to education in local and international universities, and links the college’s specializations to the labor market and its needs, and implicitly is based on moving the conceptual stalemate that occurs in our Lebanese and Arab environment, with the aim of preparing a student who has in-depth knowledge of his specialization, and is able to research it and transfer his knowledge.”

He added: “The Faculty of Arts set out to perform the role entrusted to it at the developmental, awareness and cultural levels, by working to achieve one of its basic roles, which is the achievement of citizenship, and consolidating it as a virtue that unites the people of the country in a society characterized by cultural and religious pluralism, thus contributing to solving part of a complex problem. This role has been played by the college with distinction through its curricula since the establishment of the college, and we have worked to preserve it and expand its scope in our new curricula.”

He pointed out that the curriculum development policy was manifested as follows:

– Work to avoid the shortcomings and weaknesses shown by the results of evaluating the existing curricula and its learning outcomes, and the needs of society, with the aim of achieving the greatest possible level of efficiency and effectiveness, keeping pace with developments and urgent changes in the college’s specializations, in a manner that conforms to international standards and trends, and promotes human values ​​of all kinds.

Opening new tracks in masters with international universities that meet emerging needs in the labor market. Two new degrees were created at the college: the joint research master’s in Russian-Middle Eastern relations and aspects of interaction with the Russian University of Peoples’ Friendship in (2019) and the research master’s in Persian/Arabic comparative literature – a joint master’s with the University of Isfahan in (2021).

Transforming the college into a productive college, as these curricula pave the way for many productive projects that contribute to alleviating the burdens on the university.

– Developing the content of courses related to technology and its uses in scientific research and education.

Linking theoretical materials with applied materials and making training at its core.

He concluded: “The development of the college’s complete curricula without exception is a mighty work, which required perseverance, follow-up, and coordination to a high degree. Accomplishing curriculum development in a way that we are proud of.

Then the president of the university delivered it by talking about his meeting with the World Bank delegation, pointing out that “the financial issue is a priority, and the issue of introducing full-time professors to the owners, in my estimation, is behind us, and in the next two days we will finish it administratively, and with His Excellency the Minister, I think we have finished it as well, and on the issue of full-time So far, I have held two meetings with the contracting professors by the hour, and they are not the ones who requested the appointment. Rather, I asked to meet with them, because I consider the university to be a specific link, when part of it is broken, the university is broken. The university is full-time professors, owners, contractors, employees and students, and we will all be hand One to work day and night to accomplish this file, and I would like to remind you that the most difficult stage of the race is the last 100 metres, and this difficult part has fallen on me, but in cooperation with everyone we reach the desired end.”

He said: “With science and knowledge, nations are built and in keeping with everything new, universities grow and societies pulsate with life. Updating the curricula is an essential step in strengthening the roles of universities in the production of knowledge, education, leadership, decision-making and community development.”

It is an opportunity to rethink performance and outputs and evaluate each of them, and to employ all new discoveries and sciences in approaching and dealing with different issues, and in searching for solutions to emerging problems, on more than one level, which advances university education and maintains its quality, and consequently leads to excellence and distinction from on the one hand, and alleviating the structural problems that the country is experiencing on the other. Today, the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences, the second largest faculties of the Lebanese University, celebrates the launch of its new curricula, after diligent work headed by its Dean, Professor Rabah, despite all health and economic challenges, and was able to complete curricula with a great deal of openness to the specializations of similar faculties. It is compatible with the mission, goals and values ​​of the Lebanese University, and its education laws, and responds to the needs of the Lebanese and international communities.

He added: “From our position, we appreciate the efforts of its Dean, Professor Rabah Al-Saher, always on the conditions of this college, in their smallest details, bypassing the successive obstacles and obstacles. The Lebanese University is distinguished by its competent professors, serious researchers who are keen on this great scientific edifice, and evidence of the university’s ability to always be distinguished by the efforts of its zealous children.

From a position of concern for a university that we have entrusted with its presidency in general conditions, the least that can be described as difficult, we set our sights on the goal of improving the work environment at the university, and correcting what was produced by successive economic collapses, to run its affairs and the affairs of its employees, including professors and employees, and the affairs of students who are about They number eighty thousand students, within the available possibilities. Indeed, we have begun to work on solving the outstanding issues that could hinder the start of the academic year and remove them, and mobilize the necessary energies to develop a strategy that enables the university to solve its crises, increase its growth opportunities, and develop its scientific and research fields, especially the applied ones, in accordance with quality assurance standards, in order to reach the university To a distinguished position among universities in the world. This will be through activating institutional work, team work, strengthening belonging to the university, and promoting creativity and innovation.

Badran concluded: “The literature experience is a rich experience that represents the will, determination and follow-up to achieve curricula that fit the requirements of the market, and open new job opportunities for young people to be competitive, locally and regionally. The new curricula that I have started to implement, congratulations to them for their good change, good management and quality of performance.

You lived and the bright minds that thought and planned, and the hands that built and tired and are still building, long live the Lebanese University.

Then, Badran and Rabah distributed certificates of thanks and appreciation to the college professors who followed the curriculum development process from its inception to its end.

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President of “The Lebanese”: The file of the owners and full-time to the end soon

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